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Q&A :

Here is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions authors ask about the service. If you don’t see the answer to your question simply drop me a line and I will get back to you in shortly.

How do I contact you?

email: coversought@gmail.com

skype: teodora.chinde

the website’s contact page

        What services do you provide?

I provide the following services for both fiction and non-fiction books.

  • Book cover design
  • Book interior formatting for e-versions and print.
  • Interior illustrations
  • Chapter illustration
  • Additional marketing material: 3D view of the cover, FB and website banners, etc.
  • Book marketing consultation

Aditional design services:

  • Concept Art design
  • Children Book Illustrations
  • Card deck design
  • Product design
  • brochure, catalog and business card design
  • content writing/tutorial writing for design related subjects


       How does your service work?

Here are the steps for the work process for cover designs

  • First get in touch about your cover. Tell me a little bit about your project. Here is some information I require:
  • The book title
  • Short book synopsis
  • If you have any ideas for the cover at this point.
  • Then I will email you back within 24h to discuss the details. We will talk about your book, the story, the target audience, the theme and feel of the book and the timeline for your project.
  • I will send you a basic work agreement for you to look over and sign before starting work on the cover. It will cover aspects about the timeline, the services, the payment options
  • You will then be asked to submit a 50% deposit by Paypal so I can get started on your design. The rest of 50% is paid upon completion of the cover.
  • I will send your first drafts within 3 working days of confirming your paypal deposit. If the period is busy, I will let you know in due time if I will need more time to get the first round of designs sent your way.
  • You review the designs you receive and give me feedback on the design, and I will make changes or create a new design until you’re 100% happy.
  • After issuing the final payment for the cover I will send you the files for it and copyright passes on to you.


     So what do I get when I hire you?

You will receive the following :

  • 3 initial drafts of the cover
  • all stock images/material included in the price
  • unlimited revisions for the draft you pick to develop
  • cover in both print and e-format for your platform of choice
  • 3D view of the finished cover


     What makes you different from other designers?

First of all I offer a wide variety of services in order to facilitate the process of getting your book from a concept to the shelf.

You do not need to search for several designers to handle your cover, you facebook banners and interior illustrations separately.  Of course, if you want you can source these services separately, but you will end up spending more money. I offer package deals for getting your book in top shape in no time.

Second, many designers offer bulk work. I provide 100% original designs for each client I work with. I do not recycle covers or use premade templates or images. I also do upfront research on already existing book in that particular field, in order to make sure the design is original and unique as feel and style.

Third, other designers do not allow much wiggle room if you do not like the first rounds of the designs/formats. I like working close with my clients and developing the best results possible with which they are completely satisfied, even if that means doing several rounds of revisions.  There is no extra charge for these as I enjoy treating the people I work with fairly and respectfully.  Book writing is a work of love which should be honored with an equally carefully made book cover design.  The same applies for the rest of the services I provide.


   Do you really offer all these services?

Yes, I do offer unlimited revisions, as many you want until you love the cover ( although 99% of the time I get it right on the first round :D. )


How fast can I get my cover?

I pride myself in a fast turnaround for all projects. However the timeline depends on what additional services you would like besides the cover, such as chapter illustrations or interior illustrations etc.  Just for the cover, 10 workdays. If I need more time for the interior illustrations or for marketing materials, I will let you know the timeframe for final delivery in before starting work. If you are on a very  tight deadline, please mention this before we start work on the project.


I’m still writing my book. Are you able to design the cover without a final page count?

Yes. This can be adjusted later on. I can work on the cover and then adjust the spine when you have the final page count.


I know what I want for my cover. Is that ok?

Yes, of course. All concepts will be discussed before work starts and you can tell me what your vision is and how you would like to see it implemented.


I do not have all the information for the back cover, can we still work on the cover?

Yes. Since I offer unlimited revisions, I can work on the front cover and add the back information when you have it.


I do not have my isbn yet..

Again, not a problem. I can add that later on. It will not be a problem.


I want to self-publish. Can you help me with that?

Yes, I can. Just get in touch and I will assist you however I can.


How does payment work?

Half at the beginning of the project.  Half upon completion. I use paypal for all transactions.


I am worried about the price of the design, should I contact you anyway?

Yes, you should absolutely get in touch either way. I am an independent designer. I do all the work myself and I do not subcontract. As a result my work is high quality and affordable.


I already have a book cover but I would like to change it.

Of course, I will redesign it for you or make any changes you want.


I would like to self-publish but I am not sure how. Could you help?

Yes. If you are new to self-publishing I am more than happy to help you with it.


So what’s up with the copyright?

I do work for hire. You only need to pay me once for the services I offer. Once we have reached the end of our project and you have issued the final payment, all rights over the cover pass on to you. This will be specified in the work agreement.


I want to use stock images. Do you charge extra?

No, the stock images I use are covered by the initial bid for the cover.


I have a specific photo I want to use. Can we add it to the cover?

Yes. We can incorporate whatever you want on the cover. The only limits are the source of the image. If the image belongs to somebody else or is just saved off the internet, I will not use it for your design. I take copyright seriously and only work with licenced images.


Do I have to credit you for the cover in the copyright section of the book?

Yes, unless we agreed otherwise.  A “cover designed by Teodora Chinde at coversought.com “ is more than enough.


How can I contact you?

You can contact me on this email address :coversought@gmail.com

Or if you prefer you can call me on skype or on my phone.  I can provide the number upon request.

I am very flexible in how I communicate. If you prefer to communicate in a different way please let me know and we can work something out.


I have a few more questions.

Sure thing. Just drop me a message with what you would like to know and I will get back to you with the details.


I am a publishing house representative and not an independent author. Is that a problem?

Not at all.  I work with both authors and publishing houses.


What are the marketing extras?

Marketing extras include additional material for your book promotion – banners, ads, backgrounds, etc


Things that I will NOT do, so please do not ask:

  • work for free or for exposure
  • copy another artist’s work
  • use unlicenced images
  • take checks as payment
  • take other services or trades as payment