About CoverSought

Hello everyone, my name is Teodora Chinde and I am the designer behind CoverSought.

With over 7 years in creative and inovating design, I am here to breathe life into your ideas. I have personally conceptualized and designed over 100 creative projects, ranging from book covers, to card deck designs, board games to concept art.

I have developed my main skills around book cover design and book marketing strategies, as a result of my personal love of books.  That is why I have developed CoverSought. A easy to access solution for your creative projects.

Despite the popular saying that you should not judge a book by its cover, book covers are today the number one seller of book and other publications.

Self-publishing has made it increasingly easier for new authors to publish their work without the involvement of publishing houses, however in an ever expanding market and without the backup power of a publisher’s marketing resources and guidance, it is vital for authors, especially ones new to the scene of publishing, to make their work as visible as possible.

That is where I come in. My experience in the field has made it possible for me to assit authors beyond just creating a cover for their work. I consult and teach authors how to best promote their work and how to reach and engage more readers than ever before.

I enjoy building long term working relationships with my clients, helping them expand and grow their business.

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