Book Covers

Are you ready to publish? Every good book needs a great cover and this is exactly what I aim for. Whether you are a first time writer or an established author, I am here to help you. On the site you can find two service packages for book cover- one for e-books and one that includes a print version of the cover as well.  You can also pick extra options for interior formatting, chapter illustrations, interior illustrations and other goodies.

Card Deck

Card decks are great for several reasons. Not only are they fun to use but they can encompas a great collection of art overall. Each card tells it’s own story, has it’s own style and meaning. Designing card decks has been a long standing passion of mine. So far I have worked on tarrot decks, oracle decks, board game sets of cards and verything in between. I also design the box for the set, the user guide, booklet and marketing material.

Book Marketing

Among the services we provide we also count book marketing in the form of personal one-on-one coaching with me. I will teach you how to sell your book and get it noticed . I will show you how to engage your audience, spread the word and get people interested. You only pay a one time fee but the knowledge you get is yours to keep and apply to your next books. You also get a marketing goodie bag.


  • Get in touch
  • Design and Create
  • Revise and Adjust
  • Enjoy the Results

Need a cover or custom illustration? Drop me a message with the details and I will get back to you with some solutions. You can contact me HERE

Once all the details have been sorted out we can get down to work. I will provide you with 2 drafts of initial concepts for you to consider based on the information you have provided.  Then it is just a process of fine tuning.

I will provide you with unlimited revisions, with no extra charge. I want you to be happy with the final result.  I will do all revisions and adjustments necesary to the project, untill you are 100% satisfied with the outcome.

After the cover is finished, you can upload it and watch the wheels begin to turn.